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How can you get yourself kicked out of Drug Court (Pinellas County)?

Saint Petersburg, FL |

I have never been in trouble before this, but I received my first felony possession of cont. sub. a year and a half ago and because i couldn't complete rehab i fear that the judge in that division will send me to prison over it. I missed a court date back in September after getting kicked out of the halfway house and have had a warrant since.

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  1. You can opt out of drug court if you do not wish to complete the requirements. If you were in the drug court PTI program, you will not be able to get PTI in a "regular" felony division but there are other options. Because you have an outstanding warrant, and do not want to remain in drug court, you should consult a criminal defense attorney as soon as you can so you can be advised on what to expect and what your options are at this point.

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  2. The answer to your question really depends on whether you entered a pre-trial drug court program or a post plea drug court program. In other words- did you plead guilty or no contest to the possession charge before you entered the drug court program or was your case just put on hold while you complete the program. If you have not entered a plea and this was just a pre-trial diversion type of drug court program then the Judge can not do anything except send your case back to court to start back where you were before you started the program. If you already plead, the Judge may be able to issue sanctions for your failure to complete drug court. Either way, you are probably making things worse by "absconding" since September. You should speak to a criminal defense attorney in your area and then turn yourself in sooner rather than later.

  3. The other Attorneys have provided you some good advice. The simple answer to your question is that you can get kicked out of the Drug Court Program for getting kicked out of the halfway house. You have a warrant now and when you get picked up on the warrant you may get sentenced, but that depends on your Drug Court contract etc. Many variables involved.

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