How can you find info on someone's assets

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I have a small claims case that I would like to receive payment soon after, ( if I win the case) I know the defendant has a vehicle he has been driving with out a license. Not sure if it's in his name but I'm certain it is his also the insurance is in someone else's name, can he lie about having this vehicle or any other assets when ask to do so in court? Also can I ask the judge to question him about his assets within his apartment can those things be collected and sold to pay me back money. I also believe he has a bank account in another state is it possible for me to collect from that bank account. I believe when served the papers he may not show up to court how else can i get info on his assets, he lives with a aunt can i subponea information from her, I don't know her legal name

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  1. Hayley R. Greenberg

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    Answered . Once you have the judgment you can try to collect on it but it is difficult, even for the professionals. You can try to seize the car through a marshall or sheriff, but you have to put up a decent amount of money for that and it might not be worth it depending on how much the car is worth. Also, their are collection agencies that can seize the bank account for you. There are also other collection methods available that are to numerous to mention here.

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  2. Eric Edward Rothstein

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    Answered . You can use information subpoenas to gather information but you need to have a money judgment first. There are also companies that collect on judgments for a percentage of what they recover.

    I am a former federal and State prosecutor and now handle criminal defense and personal injury/civil rights cases.... more
  3. Michael David Siegel


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    Answered . It is very hard to find assets to collect unsecured judgments. Once you have a judgment, call a City Marshal, and they can help you set up a collection.

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