How can we go about having restitution included in an aggravated battery case?

My husband was the victim of aggravated battery and we are concerned about having our medical bills payed for. He underwent surgery for a broken jaw and now has his jaw wired shut for 3 weeks. The doctor also removed one of his wisdom teeth. We pressed charges, and are awaiting the arrest of this individual. Will we need to sue civilly or go to small claims court?

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Morris Hugh Wiltshire Jr.

Morris Hugh Wiltshire Jr.

Criminal Defense Attorney - Athens, GA

Contact the victim assistant in the District Attorney's Office for the county the warrant has been issued in. In Georgia we have a Victim's Compensation program in Georgia that may help you (see the link below). Also the prosecutor can seek restitution for any outstanding medical bills as part of any sentence the offender receives. I hope this helps.

Ronald S. Pichlik

Ronald S. Pichlik

Criminal Defense Attorney - Battle Creek, MI

I agree, contact the victims advocates office, usually in the prosecutors office. You should be able to submit bills thru their office to the probation department and court, and have the court order, as part of sentencing.

Steven Everett Savage

Steven Everett Savage

Criminal Defense Attorney - Newark, NJ

In addition to what my colleagues have said, your husband will likely be consulted by the district attorney's office in regard to any particular outcomes they propose for this criminal case against the defendant. During that time, you should make sure that the district attorney is aware of the financial damage that was done to you and your family in addition to the physical and medical damage that was done to your husband. Best of luck with this terrible and troubling situation.

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