How can we get the state to drop charges on a domestic charge?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Dunnellon, FL

This is not a case about me it's about my bestfriend of 15 years. He and his father were arguing over something about money and a tarp and that's all it stayed at was at a verbal argument it never got physical, but when the police arrived his mother and father both stated that my friend had picked up a chair and threatened his dad with it even though that was never the case. He did 6 months in county jail and is released on bond right now. He is only 18 but was 17 at the time of the incident and his background isn't all that great. He really is trying to better himself and sending him to prison is not necessary. He isn't a criminal. We reside in Citrus County, Florida if that is any help. Please help us we can't afford an attorney and the state wants him pretty bad.

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    Answered . It sounds as though you all need to find the money to retain a defense attorney. Without having an attorney and two witnesses that say it happened, the State really has absolutely no reason to drop the charges. You all need to retain a defense attorney. My firm handles such matters and accepts payment plans. Good luck. N

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