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How can we determine who is at fault in a low impact accident

La Palma, CA |

ok so i got into a small fender bender with my friend. we were in a neighborhood coldisack and we were both facing in opposite directions. i was pulled up next to a curb in front of a driveway and he was in the middle of the street. he started to make a 3 point turn while i was going to back up to park in front of my house. according to a witness we hit eachother virtually at the same time. however, according to the friend that i hit he said that i hit him while he was in mid turn switching his car into reverse.

my questions is who is at fault in this matter? my friend says that it is my fault and that i should pay all of his damages, while i feel that neither party is at fault, or perhaps is it his fault? also whoever is found at fault is any kinda compensation entitled to the other party?

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  1. Only an accident reconstruction expert is really qualified to determine liability. However, I would venture to guess that both of you share a percentage of fault.

    Both of you had a duty to ensure no one was in your path when you backed your respective cars up.

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