How can posting insulting comments that aren't sent to their subject constitute cyberbullying/harassment, instead of defamation?

Asked about 1 year ago - Los Angeles, CA

The media often refer to leaving insulting or unflattering comments on social networks as "cyberbullying."

Like this case, where a girl falsely wrote on Facebook that another girl had herpes:

But cyberbullying is harassment that takes place on the internet. And harassment requires repeated, unwanted contact with the subject of one's speech; however, leaving comments in a place that is not associated with the subject of one's speech, like a Facebook profile that does not belong to the subject, is not contacting the subject. At most, leaving comments seems like defamation, and even then only if it's a false assertion of fact.

Writing "X is ugly" on a profile that belongs to Y cannot be cyberbullying, right?

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  1. Celia R Reed

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    Answered . You have oversimplified the issue. Cyber bullying is harassment in a particular forum, I.e. the Internet, and it can have widespread impact. So it doesn't necessarily matter whose wall you post it on.

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  2. Ryan Thomas Darby

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    Answered . Generally speaking, posting on a Facebook wall is different from having a private conversation. The contents of the Facebook post show up on other users' news feeds and are readily viewable by others. Whether this would constitute harassment really depends on the specific facts. For example, say User X posts about User Y on User Z's wall. Will User Y's news feed alert him/her to the posting? Is there evidence suggesting User X intended for User Y to discover it? What are the post's likely effects upon User Y? What is the sum total of the interactions between Users X & Y? Harassment is very fact specific, and needs to take into account the entirety of the interactions, their purpose, and their effect. If you are concerned about a possible harassment action, I recommend contacting an attorney who specializes in this area for a personalized consultation.

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  3. James S. Lawrence

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    Answered . Your position is a reasonable one, but not necessarily the one that will be followed by officials. I agree that a single instance of posting an insulting comment should be protected under the First Amendment. Repeated instances might not be protected. If charged or sued, make sure to get counsel in your area with experience in raising constitutional claims.

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