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How can one go about filing charges when the other file bogus charges?

Ironton, OH |

The charges were found to be false and all was dropped but I still had to obtain an attorney and pay those costs. I was glad the court costs were dismissed as well as the bogus complaint. I was told since my neighor was the one that called the sherffs dept I could not file charges even thorugh the whole thing was made by a bully neigbor that if he doesn't get his way calls and of course they respond. I am not into calling the sheriff and making false complaints like him but how do I protect against this in the future?

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  1. For me at least it would not be possible to answer your question without having an in-depth private discussion of the entire history. (I'm sure this specific instance is not an isolated event). There are things that you can do, so it be worth discussing it with counsel. I assume you discussed this issue with the attorney who represented you on the charges. If that advice was not sufficient then I suggest you make contact with other lawyers until you arrive at a satisfactory defensive strategy. Good luck to you. I know these Hatfields and McCoys situations can be very difficult.

  2. Unfortunately this happens a great deal. There is not really a way to force charges to be filed. Eventually the police will stop responding to the falsifying party and may end up with them filing charges of Falsification, Inducing Panic, or a few other things. I understand your plight but the best thing is usually to turn the other cheek and make sure to not put yourself in a position where you can be found guilty of something. Good luck.

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  3. Speak to an attorney concerning a civil law suit in a small claims court. If it is financially unrealistic or you have insufficient grounds or proofs you do not need to proceed. If you do proceed it sounds like that will be a declaration of war with this type of guy. Good Luck.