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How can i travel abroad on formal probation?i am not a flight risk. 1st time offense. stupid mistake.

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i'm on formal probation on a non-violent crime and non drug related crime... i check in every month as requested as well as make the proper payments to the probation office.. i have not been in trouble since and have no priors before this one stupid mistake.. will they allow me to go to visit my ailing family in Germany for two weeks?
i work full time and my immediate family lives here. i'm not a flight risk of any means and i've been on probation for 2 years.. have one more year to go..
i haven't done any of my community service but have an appointment to start.. i'm not going to do the NA meetings they assigned because i am not a drugee and the charge was not related to drugs in any way. i'm not sure why they gave that to me..and i will be going to court to see if they can take it off.

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The first step is to ask your probation officer. In most cases, you will have to get the court to modify your probation to allow you to go to Germany. The court will not like the fact that you haven't started your community service in two years and that you haven't done the NA meetings that were ordered. Still, a court might grant permission to go to Germany, because at least you haven't gotten in trouble again and your purpose for traveling is reasonable. Good luck to you.

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If you are not in compliance with the terms of your probation I must disagree with my colleague. The only place you'll go after the hearing is either home or jail but Germany is not in the cards. I'm surprised you haven't been violated before now.

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