How can I transfer my deed to my daughter, but provides a life tenancy for my live-in boyfriend, and how much should it cost?

I want to transfer the deed to my primary residence to my daughter (one of 2, but the 2nd daughter has financial issues and is ok with being excluded). But I need to be certain that my live-in boyfriend, of 12 years, maintains the right to live in it until he passes, or decides to vacate of his own volition. This right must also state that his right is exclusive, meaning that my daughter couldn't move in or attempt to rent out any portion of the house as long as he's still residing there. I'd also like to know what my cost would be to have it done. Thank you.

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William C. Mack

William C. Mack

Real Estate Attorney - Lake Hopatcong, NJ

This can be done in a fairly straightforward way by granting a life estate to your boyfriend and giving title to your daughter for all time after your boyfriend dies or vacates the home (this last point will have to be carefully defined so that he does not lose the house if, for example, he is away for an extended period but not permanently).

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