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How Can I tell will/Estate is near time of distribution?

Baltimore, MD |

My Granny's will has 3 weeks until minimum probate is over and register of wills reads" Tax re bill prepared" as last update. My aunt and I are the only interested parties in the will. Of course she gets most of the Estate. But It seems like she is intentional trying to delay things. So that I won't get my share. She was already given the house and control of lots of money before granny passed away

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Here, in Baltimore City, you have full access to the probate file. And if the Personal Rep is missing deadlines, the file will show notices and perhaps Show Cause hearings. If you obtaina complete copy of the file and visit an attorney, you can get an explanation of the process, what has occurred in the estate, and what you may expect in the near future.

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Ask the atty handling the matter, they should be able to tell you.

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You have not really given us enough information to go on, here. You ARE entitled to documentation that is filed with the court. It appears that you also have some knowledge of the probate process and the ability to do some research on your own. If you believe that your aunt is taking liberties, then you need to contact an attorney to review all of the facts with you.

James Frederick

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