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How can I tell if a judgement has been filed against me?

Ballston Spa, NY |

Have a collection agency saying they have placed a judgment against me. I have never been served with court papers, just letters from the collector. When they first contacted me, I sent them a letter requesting a few items. they sent me back 1/2 the requested items. Then a few weeks later I get a letter saying there has been a judgment filed and asking me all kinds of personal financial questions. I to date have never been personally served or have I received paper work from the courts. How do I determine I do have this judgment, and can I ask the courts to dismiss the judgment based on the fact they never provided me with the requested paper work?

Attorney Answers 1

  1. The easiest way to find out if a judgment has been filed against you is to pull a credit report. The judgment and lawsuit usually appears on the top of the credit report.