How can I sue the State of Arizona for a violation of my civil rights?

My civil rights and right to bear arms was reistated by a judge and I was issued a voters registration card by the state of AZ on 04/07/2009. I was convicted of a felony DUI in 2003. I find out today before heading to the polls that my rights were cancelled and I am unable to vote due to being cancelled out of the system for the felony.

Chandler, AZ -

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Kristen Jane DeWitt-Lopez

Kristen Jane DeWitt-Lopez

Family Law Attorney - Phoenix, AZ

You may or may not have a viable claim here, but even if you do, claims against the State can be very complex and are difficult to navigate without the help of an attorney. I suggest you contact a qualified Civil Rights Attorney or the ACLU for a consultation. There are several organizations, including the ACLU, that are interested in representing those who have been illegally prohibited from voting. Good luck to you.

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James S. Lawrence

James S. Lawrence

Constitutional Law Attorney - Southfield, MI

If you are legally entitled to vote, you should be able to go to court and get a court order or injunction requiring state officials to restore your voting right to you. However, the laws on who can vote are reasonably complex, and differ from state to state, and just because you believe you have the right to vote does not mean a court will find the same way.

Even if you win an injunction requiring state officials to allow you to vote, because of sovereign immunity, and the lack of financial injury to you, you will not win a lawsuit for damages.

To sue, the first thing you should do is find a constitutional rights attorney in your state, who you are willing and able to pay. If you cannot do that, or do not want to do that, first figure out whether the officials are violating state law, or federal law, which will help direct you to whether to file your complaint in state or federal court. Good luck.

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