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How can I sue my employer for not keeping an accusation against me confidential?

Green Bay, WI |

I went to work and was called into the office and was told that there was accusations made against me about being high and drunk at work. I was given a drug and breath test and passed both of them. I have never gone to work impaired nor do i get imparied. When I went back to do my job, everyone outside was talking about it and laughing. the next day they called me back into the office and fired me. what can I do?

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If your employer disclosed confidential medical information, which drug tests may be considered, to your co-workers, then you may have claims under Wisconsin law for that wrongful disclosure of private information. If the termination is somehow due to the employer's disclosure of the information, then perhaps one can argue for damages resulting from the termination. Sometimes, the disclosure of confidential medical information can invoke protections and remedies under the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act even if the employee does not have a disability. The analysis and resulting remedies are all very fact specific. I recommend that you contact an attorney licensed in Wisconsin that handles employment matters to discuss what happened and what remedies you may be able to pursue.

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