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How can I sue for damages... Benzo Hell... How to spread awareness... What should I do?

Seattle, WA |

Hello, about 2 years ago I came down with a severe case of food poisoning, I was rushed to the Er and Given Compazine... I asked if there were side effects they said no, I developed Akathesia from Compazine and Nearly died a 2nd time, Eventually I was given Ativan to counteract the Akathesia, I asked again was this medication dangerous they said no... I have suffered through 2 years of absolute hell because of this terrible drug... The Seattle Medical community is completely incompetent and is totally ignorant about Benzos... I have proof that they handled the situation wrong, and proof that the Drugs are incredibly dangerous but no law group seems to take me seriously as if I am some kind of Drug addict... Its like I am screaming for help but no one will listen... What should I do? Thanks

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Keep talking to attorneys . . . there is one out
there who'll help. Med Mal lawsuits are quite
expensive . . . so just keep looking. Have you
filed a complaint with your state? Tell your
story to the news (tv, radio, newspapers,
underground publications, etc.). MAKE
NOISE. It looks like you would have a
FEDERAL LAWSUIT against the Drug
Company, Doctors, and Hospital involved.
Suing the drug companies is not easy.
Hang in there . . .Good Luck!


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Thank you for your advice... Yes I filed a Medical complaint and its has been in the "investigation" Purgatory for months... I've already tried to contact News/TV/RADIO/etc ... but have received little attention... But I like your idea... I will just get louder. My efforts have already saved 3 people lives just by getting the information out there and already I have a book on the way... Thank you very much!


Benzodiazipines are very widely prescribed and generally very safe drugs. Compazine and Ativan have been approved by the FDA and have been used for decades. With any drug, there is a small fraction of the population that is ultra sensitive and prone to serious side effects. You are one of those people, unfortunately, when it comes to this class of drugs. If an FDA approved drug is used for its intended purpose and within recommendations and causes a side effect, there is little if any chance of the victim recovering damages. I am sure this seems very unfair to you, but that's how the system is set up. Unless it can be shown that the approval for the drugs was obtained fraudulently, or the doctor misused the drug, the patient can't recover damages.

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I understand that, yet was unable to go into greater detail in my post... I personally called the hospital when I noticed my body was acting weird with the compazine and was ordered by the doctor to keep taking it. The same situation happened with the Benzo... I feel that my pain was caused by their negligence, The doctors had no idea what they were prescribing or how to deal with sensitivity I was given no data on how to get better. What If I could prove that the Drug is 100% addictive and new studies suggest that 44% of the population suffer terrible withdrawals. Worse with prolonged use the drug causes brain damage in ALL users, would this new information change anything? Also thank you very much... I think I will start rethinking the case that the doctor misused the drug in the beginning.

Joseph Jonathan Brophy

Joseph Jonathan Brophy


The ONLY agency with authority to change warnings or require a drug to be withdrawn from use is the FDA. The legal doctrine is that he FDA pre-empts the courts. The chances of getting the FDA to take benzos out of use are slim indeed. They are very basic drugs and virtually all doctors use them. With all respect to your terrible experience, they are not 100% addictive and withdrawal is seldom a problem as I understand it. However, they affect some people such as your self very badly. I think the only avenue for you to get compensated is medical malpractice. That's a heavy lift, but possible.

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