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How can I sue an Attorney General's office/Government Office?

Springfield, GA |

I have what I feel is a pretty strong case of discrimination against the Texas Child Support Division of the AG's office. I have for over two years been trying to get help in regards to my child support, and while the system is glad to help my ex with all the support she needs, in two years, I have never even received a return phone call from my case worker or the manager (ombudsman) there. I am treated like a dead-beat dad every time I call and the actual case worker assigned to the case is coaching my ex on how to stretch out the process as long as possible to prolong my lowering of support. I called the AG's office on two different occasions to report the behavior and to request a new case worker, or to be moved to another office and I was told it was not possible. etc...

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Well, it appears that you will need a qualified, experienced Texas Lawyer who deal in these sort of administrative matters to find the answer to your question. My first impression would be that the Texas hils Support Division would not be under any duty to assist you where tyhey are targeting you for the obligation they claim is due from you. You may get better responses if you write letter instead of making phone calls, keeping copies and mail by certified mail. Thnere are some fine lawyers from Texas on this site and I would suggest you interview only the best.

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