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How can I sue a hacker?

San Francisco, CA |

Someone has penetrated to my website. How can I sue him?

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  1. You sue them the same as anyone else, but your real question is determining who it is. That is not a legal question.

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  2. If you know their identity, you want to contact the State Attorney's Office. Many times, these hackers are from overseas, and are very difficult to track.

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  3. Yes you may but there's a lot of work determining who it is. It is rarely the person you think it is. Good luck.

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  4. I agree that finding the hacker is the hard part and requires sophisticated technical expertise. If you lack the resources, perhaps a criminal complaint is the way to go. You would start with the police and local D.A. but if it is an international hacker, it might require federal agencies getting involved. Depending on the seriousness of the crime, it may be difficult getting help from law enforcement. However, it is an option that you should consider to help deter future hacking by this individual or group.