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How Can I Sub Lease / Transfer / Sublet my current apartment where I signed the lease that expired Feb 28, 2013

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Signed lease for 6 mths only. Here's the situation:-
1. Offer to Rent/Reservation form clearly says "lease term for 6 mths. Scheduled move-in Dt: 08/02/12
2. Residential Lease / Rental Agreement dt 08/02/12, it reads Commencement dt: 08/02/12 and Termination Dt: 02/28/13
3. One clause on lease agreement: Assignment, Subletting and transfer by resident: Your interest in the residence & this agreement may not be assigned, sublet or otherwise transferred. Any assignment, subletting, transfer will be void.

I signed the lease for 6 months only but because of my negligence I didn't pay attention to the termination date that made the lease effective for 7 months.

1. May I have the right to end the lease in 6 mnths & not 7 mnths?
2. Any way out to transfer my lease to 3rd party?

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1. May I have the right to end the lease in 6 mnths & not 7 mnths? Possibly. It looks like 6 months should end 2/02/13 (or 1/28/12 to put it into their common formatting). Because the lease expressly states that the lease term is for six months, you have a good argument. You should see if your LL will correct the end date.

2. Any way out to transfer my lease to 3rd party? No. Any transfer is a violation of the lease and you would be liable for the remaining months of tenancy... another reason to get that end date corrected.

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I had a word with management by the apartment complex and they said, Offer to rent/reservation form has no value, which is duly signed by management and me. And they will follow the lease end dates per lease agreement only.

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