How can I stop the harassment? (Protection orders)

Asked about 2 years ago - Denver, CO

My grandmother has abused the legal system to harass me my entire life. She regularly calls the police on me to try to get me into trouble. Last year, I finally sought relief from her harassment and filed for a protection order. Once she was served with the temporary protection order, she filed false charges against me. I was arrested inside of the protection order court room. My protection order was granted, and I have not talked to her since. I am still fighting the criminal case. She is now harassing me by filing a new order of protection against me in a different county. Is there anything I can do to make the harassment stop? The protection order I have already obtained against her clearly isn't working. Can someone please help me?

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Also, she is saying that I had mail sent to her house in my name. (Which would apparently be the reason she is pursuing a protection order) I know that I didn't, but how might I go about proving that I didn't. It was sent through a third party (A business) who supposedly told her that they only way it would have been sent to her is if I had personally requested it to be sent. When I spoke to this business they said that they no records of it being sent, but would not write me a statement verifying this. =/
There are many other things that she is lying about, but I have no idea how to prove that she is lying about them. I don't want to just say, "Your Honor, she's lying!" I want to show the judge that she's lying, but I don't know how to do it. And I can't afford a lawyer, and can't find anyone to take it Pro Bono.

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  1. Answered . You may be eligible for a public defender on your criminal case if your income fits the requirements. I hope you apply for one. As to the new protection order, it sounds as if you may have to defend it on your own. The standard is fear of imminent harm, so your grandmother may not be able to meet the burden of proving that a protection order should be granted against you. Bring the protection order that the prior court has granted against your grandmother. Also, testify calmly that you have had no contact with your grandmother in over a year, and that you did not send the letters. The big mistake that people make is to get too angry in court and therefore fail to tell the judge what is really happening. Best of luck to you! If you want to discuss this further, please call me at 303-780-7333.

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