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How can I stop a bipolar ex girlfriend from harrassing me and making threats? Police can't do anything.

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My bipolar ex-girlfriend will not stop calling, driving by my house and work and texting nude photos.She sends very explicit texts about wanting sex acts, and then gets mad when I wont respond,threatens me with legal action,claiming I committed fraud 5 years ago. She gets angry that I am in a relationship and says she will never be out of my life and that my girlfriend must be really stupid, frumpy, ect. I use me cell for business and in order to block her texts, I had to block everyone, and can only make calls out to people I've added back in. It makes doing business very difficult and has caused a lot of trouble with my current girlfriend, not to mention emotional stress on me as well. We went to the police and made an informal report but they said they can't do anything about it.

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I would try the police again - different officer (or if you went to the police, call them out to your house). She could be charged with stalking, harassing communications, perhaps even terroristic threats. Get a copy of your cell phone bill with all of the communications to make it easy for them.

(If they still won't take charges, perhaps contact the district attorney's office - family violence division - and see if they can help you out directly.)

The other thing I can think of is to try to get a restraining order from your local justice of the peace. This does not have much bite if there is a violation.

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Talk to the Justice of the Peace about getting a peace bond. If it is specific as to her actions, and she violates it, the police will respond. You can also retain an attorney to get a restraining order against her, that if violated, will lead to contempt of court.

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First, don't worry about the fraud threat - even if it was valid, there is a four year statute of limitations on fraud. I agree that you should try the police again - if they still won't help, then you have a claim against your ex for trespass, intentional infliction of emotional distress, invasion of privacy, etc. A civil court could issue a Protective Order against her (& she can go to jail if she violates it) if the judge is convinced of your facts. You'd need to document the effect on your business efforts a/w/a the emotional distress, so that the court understands the results of your ex's actions against you.

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