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How can I speed the process of a 'Testing Placement' for my 17 year old daughter who is now residing in Hawaii?

Bakersfield, CA |

Her probation ends the 17 of March, 2014, we had to move back to California due to a family emergency and she stayed with a legal guardian who is no longer able to care for her. I requested an Interstate Transfer, but was told California doesn't have an office to handle to request so it will be processed by the State of Nevada. She has a placement hearing tomorrow and I would like to ask the judge to grant the testing placement so she may be able to come home soon.

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    I sympathize with your problem. Speeding the transfer is the second half of the challenge. The first half is simply granting the testing placement so she can leave Hawaii. Assuming the judge does grant the placement, then expediting the transfer really just depends upon your level cooperation and the administrative efficiency of the probation department in Nevada, which you really have no control over. Good luck to you.

  2. Jurisdictional transfers are done on felonies and they allow probation to be transferred to another state. The best way to do that is through her probation officer in California. I don't understand how she could leave the state though and live somewhere else if her probation was in California. You can also always ask the court to terminate probation early which would alleviate any problem of not being able to travel due to being on probation.

  3. Contact your probation officer, and ask the PO to get the case back on calendar for the Judge to approve in CA. Once you have that done, ask the PO to contact and give you contact info for court services in Nevada.

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