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How can I settle my DUI case pending from 2006 while I was an international student in USA.

Miami, FL |

One month before my us student visa expired, I received a DUI and had to leave the country before my court hearing. Although I paid online a fine of 1200$ and hired a lawyer (who didnt do anything for me) but I still have Violation probation warrant issued for me.

I no longer reside in USA

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Hire a different lawyer ... this doesn't appear to be a DUI issue ... it is a probation violation problem ... a completely different matter (although 'related').

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Consult with a different criminal attorney.

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A good criminal lawyer can intervene and help you through this matter. This VOP warrant will not go away.


I would need additional information to understand exactly what your issue is but it may be possible to retain an attorney (who actually works for you) and put this behind you without you ever having to return to the United States. I cannot be sure, however, until more information is given.

My offices are located in Miami, Florida and I regularly practice before the DUI Judges here. Feel free to contact me to see what options you may have.

Best of luck.

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You should contact a lawyer who will work for you. There is a possiblity to get your case resolved without having to go to court. (I would need more information to find out what the violations are).
Review my website to see if it answers any questions you may have.

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