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How can I safely and swiftly have my two grown stepsons removed from my home?

Gurnee, IL |

They have been well aware that I don't want them living here for quite some time. Their mother doesn't see things my way. They both pay rent(300.00 per month), of which I don't see any of. My wife uses it as she sees fit. I pay all the household biills! There have been physical altercations.

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    If there's a conflict, call the cops.

    If you and your wife don't agree on something as basic as a tranquil home life, are you sure you want to stay there? Are you sure you want to stay married.

    Right now, you probably need a therapist more than you need an attorney. Get some help and figure out what you want to do. Then, if you need a divorce or want to partition the property, call a lawyer.

  2. If there have been physical altercations, a temporary fix is to call the police and then seek an order of protection, which could last up to 2 years. For a longer resolution you could have problems if your wife is OK with her sons living there and you are not. You might wish to speak to an attorney who handles contested eviction cases. Your only alternative might be to move or stop paying the bills but hopefully your lawyer will come up with a better solution.