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How can i retrieve my car and my husbands personal belongings from his mother thats refusing to turn it over to me?

Plano, IL |

My husband and i had a dispute and his things were taken to his mothers house as well as my car. Since then my husband has went to jail and we have reconciled, he has been telling his mother to give me his things as well as my vehicle but she is refusing to do so. I am wondering what can be done for me to get his things as well as get my car. The car is in my name, my maiden name at that because it was purchased before we were married.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. Go get a court order to have your things turned over. If there is no case pending, call the police and get help from them.

  2. Involve the police to get your car and items back if the mother gives you problems

  3. Call or write your mother in law and have your husband do so as well and tell her she needs to give you everything within 24 hours. Tell her you don't want to do so, but if she continues to refuse, you will call the police and ask them to escort you to get everything. Be ready to show proof of ownership with the title and registration and proof of insurance for the car.
    If the police will not assist then you need to prepare and file an ex parte application, declaration for you and husband and a notice of lodgment with the paperwork or exhibits proving ownership and get a court order for mother in law to release the property. Whatever you do, do not get into it personally with your mother in law and get yourself arrested or damage the relationship beyond repair. As bad as it may seem now, she is still your husband's mother.

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