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How can I request early termination of probation?

Coral Springs, FL |

I am currently on probation for Unemployment compensation. My original term was for 18 months, which started in August of 08. In May of 09, i request to have my probation extended in order to have time to pay back money owe, which was granted. My probation is due to be completed in November of 2011. I just finished paying back all money owe and would like to have my probation ended earlier then November. How can I go about getting that done and do i have a chance of it being granted? The judge who processed the case is no longer there and was replaced by another judge, whom I've never met.

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You can most certainly request for probation to be terminated. Your best bet is to have an attorney file a motion on your behalf. Even though there is a new judge, they can still hear the motion. No one can say for sure what the chances are, but it is possible your request will be granted. It is also possible that your request will be denied. Considering that probation should have expired already and you requested an extension to make sure everything was paid (and now everything is paid), I think you have a compelling argument. Good luck!

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