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How can I remove my photo & keep it removed from if I was never charged & they only allow lawyers to contact them?

Denver, CO |

I do not have a lawyer nor do I want to pay a lawyer $200 - $500 to send an email explaining my situation to these people. They claim on their site they will remove the photo if charges were dismissed. No charges were ever filed and I spent a few hours in jail. However, I was booked just the same as if charges were filed. On the site it states the records were recently procured and they will no longer take requests to remove after the 12th of this month, 2012. The incident occurred over 10 years ago. The site's "public record" shows no date of charge, no bond posted, and the release was next day. I was arrested at 11pm and released around 5am, so I was there less than 6 hours. This could be a problem with my current career and I need help ASAP!

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  1. You say that you want to remove the photo and that the company only allows attorneys to contact them to remove the photos. However, you are unwilling to pay an attorney a couple of hundred dollars (if it would even be that expensive, which is doubtful) in order to save your current career? What options can we give you? Serious? The internet company is saying that they will no longer take requests after the 12th and it is already the 3rd. Time is ticking. So, it is YOUR choice as to whether you want to leave things as they are with you mug shot on this website or whether you want to come up a couple of hundred dollars max to have an attorney contact them and have it removed. It definitely seems like a "no-brainer" to me and I expect any other attorney on this site. We respond to these posts not to drum up business, but to offer free pro bono service (charity) to members of the public. However, although you are willing to ask attorneys for "free" advice, you are not willing to pay an attorney a small sum of money to possibly save your current career and your future career? That simply does not make sense. I expect that most, if not all, of my colleagues would agree.

  2. This has been answered here a half dozen times. The information is public. If you were arrested and they took your picture, that is public and anyone can get it. I have never heard that mugshots will remove the information from the site if no charges were filed.

    Ultimately, there is little you can do unless you pay. You can keep contacting them and see, but the usual routine is that they will want hundreds to remove the information. Unfortunately for you, there are various other sites that do this and you will have to deal with them. I agree this business model is awful and these companies are vultures, but you are likely stuck and unless you pay and pay all of them your information is always available and can be posted. If you want to change the law, speak with your legislators.

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  3. I deplore the site's business model, you appear to have set restrictions on yourself the preclude you accepting their offer on how to remove your information. It is not as if the information is not public or not true, but I agree that it is old. Perhaps some young / new attorney in your area needs some work and will do this for less money.

    We do not have a client/attorney relationship until you make an appointment, we discuss your case face to face, I accept a retainer, and we explictly agree to enter into representation.

  4. Recent complaints about this "service" and others with similar business models are about the fact that the photo and info sometimes are published on another site (removable for another separate fee) shortly after a paid removal from the original publishing site. Lots of accumulated info and experience here on Use the "browse" feature of and, if you decide to do business with any of these firms, be very clear about what is and is not promised to you in exchange for your payment, and about the limits of your procedural rights to enforce in the event of disputes about the sufficiency of the performance after payment.

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