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How can i Put my name on my sons birth certificate

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the mother of my child and i were together for 3 months and broke up . then 2 months later she told me she was pregnant and i dint want to be around for the bbaby because i dint know if the baby was mine.. 2 years past and i finnally dicided to man up and be there for the child. i went to the indio court and filed papers for a DNA test almost 3 months past and i got the results and she was mine the next day after i got the results i went back to court and filed for joint custody and had someone serve her she wasnt really happy ... we went to mediation then 2 weeks later to court nd i got joint physical and legal custody but the judge never told me anything about the Birth certificate .. What papers do i get to add my name and give my child my last name on the birth certificate¿¿

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Naming & renaming a child is an incident of "legal custody" (sorry, I didn't create these eejit terms). Once adjudicated the father of this child you'd have equal (re)naming rights which means that you two should reach agreement, or you'd need to file a Request for Order with the Family Court to obtain an order, to get this child renamed. The renaming would be accomplished administratively through the Cal. Dept. of Public Health.

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