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How can i put a complaint on my husband's parole agent? I believe she has crossed the professional, ethical line, having affair.

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I saw her once the other evening when she came looking for him, was very rude and disrespectful to me and she didn't have any conversation with him in front of me. I heard some of the conversation and she was definitely flirting.. The next day she moved him to another county to report to parole which means he can no longer live with me his own wife. Because the police were called a week before that by the neighbor not myself, due to the fact that they heard us having a heated argument. to make a long story short, the police were there 15-20 minutes no none arrested, no one ticketed, my husband left for a few hours and back home. I discussed this with the parole agent but she was defending him as if she was married to him, telling me that i just want to send him back to prison.She scolded.

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Contact the person in charge of the parole office.

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Hillary Johns

Hillary Johns


If you're certain. They have certain procedures in place to deal with these issues.

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