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How can I prove that I don't have a vehicle for an interlock device to be installed on?

Oakland, MI |

Just started probation. One of the requirements is to have the interlock device installed on my car or have the in-home unit. Problem is that after paying all of the court fees, I'm not going to be able to afford my lease payment, insurance, and registration renewal that was due this month. I have no money or else I would've hired an attorney to help me from the start. I have no one to borrow money from. So what can I do? My car is going to be repossessed anyway so I don't care if I get my license back. I can take the bus. All I want to know is how to proceed without violating my probation.

I should add that I explained my situation to my probation officer. He said I had 2 options: get the interlock device or get a club put on my car and get the at-home device. Obviously I don't have the money to pay for a club to be put on my car and then pay to have it removed when it's repossessed in addition to paying for the in home unit. What do they expect people to do? This system isn't about crime prevention. It's about sucking you dry and setting you up to fail so you commit more crimes/violate probation so they get more money. Sorry... rant. I'm just at my breaking point.

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I'm not sure your question is really what you want to be asking. You do still own a car at this point. You can surrender your vehicle and they will give you some type of receipt which you can show the Court. That is what I would recommend. Hope that's helpful



I'm the co-signer on the vehicle. Does it still need to be surrendered in order to prove I'm not driving it or can it just be given back to the actual owner? Also, all the other times I've returned a lease, there is no proof of surrender. They just tell you to drop it off at any dealership of that manufacturer, even after hours.

J. Denise Carter

J. Denise Carter


Can you get your name off the title? That would really be the ideal.



Okay, great. I'll try. Thank you!


I agree with attorney Carter. Turn your car over to the finance company and obtain verification. Then show the receipt to your probation officer and explain the situation. Good Luck!


The other attorneys gave you good advise.. get rid of your car.. sell it if you have any equity or turn it into the finance company.

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