How can I prove my case and have the father receive supervised visits only???? Please help, I'm very worried.

My daughters father has never cared about her well being. He looked and touched her inappropriately when she was 2 months old (My mom and I were a witness to this action, I have no other evidence). He was also very violent and aggressive when we lived together (I have text messages where he admits to his behavior). Also, 3 weeks ago I took her for a visit in his townhouse, he was taking long upstairs with her(to see his mom), as im going upstairs, he was just staring at the baby(20 months) at the top of the stair as she was trying to walk down by herself.. She looses balance and fell 4 steps, giving me enough time to catch her before she falls all the way down. (I feel this was done intentionally to hurt her. ( I was the only one there with him when this happened) I need legal advise!

Miami, FL -

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William Charles Rosenfelt

William Charles Rosenfelt

Child Custody Lawyer - Longwood, FL

We need to know what order(s) are in effect, if any, first. What case is it that you are trying to prove?! We need information. Like....I filed a Petition for Supplemental Modification of a Final Judgment of Paternity. And then describe what Final Judgment/order or whatever is pending. It is not easy to get supervised visitation without having an attorney assist you. You really need to try to find an attorney to represent you regardless of what it takes.

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