How can I press charges against someone who stole my wallet?

Asked about 1 year ago - San Francisco, CA

My boyfriend's wallet was stolen the night we took a cab service called uber around 2:00AM. We found multiple charges from the cab company within a 2 hour window. We also spoke with the Jack in the box where the theft charged the CC. We have it on camera that fits his profile completely. We went to the company and they did their own investigation and decided to fire him. We don't know his last name but we have a picture of him from my receipt. We also filed a police report. Is there anyway we can press charges or pursue him?

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  1. Stephen Troy Allen

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    Answered . If you filed a police report, they will investigate, take statements then turn over to the DA for prosecution. The DA will decide to file charges and as a part of any conviction, restitution will be ordered. Good luck.

  2. Greg Thomas Hill

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    Answered . Let the police do their work. Patience.

  3. Aaron Scott Hill

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    Answered . Provide what you have to the police and they may seek criminal charges. You may have a civil case but if you report/dispute the charges you should be out at most $50 by your credit card company, so your fees and time to pursue this money back is up to you.

    Every legal matter is fact specific, and there are often nuances in every case. This is intended for comment only,... more
  4. Brian K Wanerman

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    Answered . You can't. It is a popular misconception in this country that individuals can "press" charges. Only the District Attorney (most crimes), Attorney General (some crimes) or U.S. Attorney (federal crimes) have the authority to charge an individual with a criminal offense. You can file a police report, which you say you have already done. You can also give a report to the District Attorney and urge him to prosecute. But, he does not have to do so. The D.A. has virtually unbridled authority to charge or not charge anyone with anything.

    Absolutely do not "pursue" this individual. That will likely only result in charges being filed against you.

    The response above is not intended as legal advice. This response does not create an attorney-client relationship.... more

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