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How can I obtain Legal Permanent Residency as a derivative asylee?

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In April it is going to be a year since my wife has been granted an asylee's status. However, about 3 months ago she filed for divorce. I have not received any papers from the lawyer yet that states our divorced status. I have been served with divorce paper but did not do anything with it.
So my question is, when I apply for LPR, will immigration know that I am divorced? It says that I have to send them copy of marriage papers, I-730, and court order. With providing them with all the papers that are needed, will they still know that I am divorced?
Thank you for your answers in advance !

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Yes, because you are required to tell them what your marital status is. Not doing so can result in your deportation.

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Thank you for your answer. But what if I have not received my final paper on divorce. Currently, I am still married and if I will not receive the divorce paper by the time I submit my application for LPR I will still be considered as married. Can this also be an issue, if I will not notify USCIS that my wife has filed for divorce?


You must fully disclose all pertinent information to CIS. I'd encourage you to retain counsel to determine if you have an independent ground of eligibility for either asylum or another immigration benefit to protect yourself.


You should have the assistance of an attorney when filing for benefits. The forms may seem simple but a mistake can be very costly. Now is not the time to be looking to save money. It may wind up costing you much more later on. Good luck.

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