How can I make the bank Produce the Note in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Asked over 3 years ago - San Antonio, TX

What happens if the home is treated as returned on the payment plan and the lender doesn't file a claim? Can they proceed with foreclosure without the need of proper proof of claim after the debt is discharged? If that's the case how can I sue them to produce the note before that happens!
Texas Non judicial foreclosure state.

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  1. Gary Alan Armstrong

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    Answered . If your Chapter 13 plan provided for surrender of the property, then the lender need not have done anything to preserve any rights in the Chapter 13 case. The discharge ends any personal liability you have on the debt.
    As far as 'produce the note' type arguments, you could commence that in bankruptcy court, if the case is still open, or you can start an action in state district court. This not easy litigation and you need someone with a great deal of experience doing this work, or you will wind up losing and making bad law for other homeowners along the way.

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  2. Mark Markus

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    Answered . Yes, they can foreclose once the bankruptcy case is over if you are not current with the payments and in default under the Note.

    The filing of the claim only gives them the right to receive payments through the plan on any arrearages (if you're so providing) or on an unsecured portion (if you're doing a Lien Strip). Otherwise, they don't need to. It has nothing to do with their right to foreclose, during or after your bankruptcy case. (During would require bankruptcy court approval).

    If you are disputing that they even have a valid lien against your property, you can probably file some sort of action to determine that in the bankruptcy court (or in state court) and then subpoena documents as part of the litigation. You might also be able to just demand the document with a simple letter pursuant to RESPA, but I will leave the more litigation-oriented attorneys on here to respond to those aspects more fully.

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  3. Theodore Lyons Araujo


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    Answered . The Trustee or the Attorney has to object to the proof of claim. The Note is required to substantiate the Proof of Claim and should have been attached to it.

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  4. Mitchell Paul Goldstein

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    Answered . I agree with Mr. Markus. If they do not file a claim, they don't get paid in this case. If the debt is later discharged, the lender cannot come after you later. The lien is still valid and the property is still subject to foreclosure. During the case, that requires relief from the stay.

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