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How can i make sure astranged wife cant file tax return on childern

Booneville, AR |

i ahve had both kids for a year and half. living in my home.. my wife has a copy of ssi card and has said she is going to file them on her tax return. how can i make sure she can not do this. i can prove they have been with me this whole time from school records

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  1. Well, you can't stop her from committing fraud. About all you can do is warn her and perhaps alert the IRS. If the kids ss# show up on your return and hers eventually the IRS will cross-match the returns and investigate. I would try to file your return as soon as you possibly can and make sure it is done right by using a CPA. This will be investigated so keep your documentation and paper trail.

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  2. As Steven suggested, you can't stop someone else from doing something unwise. If you're in the right, just keep a good paper trail by retaining all pertinent documents, and if your return gets examined then it is simply a matter of calmly and coolly presenting your evidence.

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