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How can I legally own this cat's kittens?

Riverside, CA |

Three room mates and I own and care for a cat that one of us found. Our cat recently gave birth to three kittens and the one room mate that found our cat in the first place is very over protective of the litter. She is also very upset that she missed their birth while another room mate and I were there instead. She thinks she can take away the cat and kittens because she found the cat first, even though we all agreed that she is our cat and we all pitch in to pay for her expenses. Is there any way to legally own the kittens or stop her from taking them away from the rest of us? We were planning on giving away the kittens anyway after they were weaned from the mother but I'm afraid she'll give them away without consulting the rest of us first and I just don't think that's fair.

Attorney Answers 1

  1. It is hard to say. The one who found the cat could lay claim to the mother, and thus claim all the kittens as well. You could all claim ownership of the cat since it has been a joint effort in taking care of it. All four of you obviously could not split the original cat, so your best solution is to divide up the kittens and then each of you can do what you want with them. This is probably not a question that the law can help you answer.