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How can I legally force an ex-girlfriend to move out of my house if she won't do so on her on will?

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After we ended our 3+ year relationship, I allowed my ex-girlfriend to remain in my house while I travel. I have now asked her to move out and gave her approx. 6 weeks to do that. At first, she agreed, but then she changed her mind and now she claims that because of my heavy travel schedule, she and a friend who also lives there have "squatter rights" and will remain in my house indefinitely. I am still abroad and would ike to handle their removal from my house as swiftly and painlessly as possible, prior to my return. There is no common property - she has her things and I have mine, so I don't expect any contest there. She is not a tenant, so I don't think I can evict her. What is the legal process I should follow in this case?

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Speak to an attorney about an eviction action and/or an unlawful detainer action. You can file and make her leave. Gather your documentation. Ask a friend or property manager to be your local agent. You will need someone local to deliver notices and meet with the deputy sheriff at the Writ of Possession enforcement.

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