How can I help my friend who is a domestic violence victim?

My friend is a victim of domestic violence. A couple of months ago the person that has been abusing her jumped on her and was trying to hurt her. My friend tried to defend herself. When the cops arrived my friend would not talk to them because she was afraid and the person that was trying to hurt her showed the police scratches on his face that my friend put there when she was trying to push him off and said that she was attacking him. My friend was arrested on domestic battery. The police contacted child protective services and a order of protection was issued for her to stay away from him. He used this against her. She wanted to stay away but he made sure she received the message that if she didn't talk he would make sure she goes to jail.

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Heather Morcroft

Heather Morcroft

Family Law Attorney - Winter Park, FL

There are ways that she can come up with a safety plan, document the case against him, and get help. But she has to be ready to do it, have support, and plan. Contact the following people at the link below for educational and practical assistance on how to help victims of domestic violence.

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David Alexander Browde

David Alexander Browde

Family Law Attorney - Chappaqua, NY

She should contact and retain a local criminal attorney experienced in domestic violence cases and, further, stay FAR away from the abuser.

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DVI's can be complicated and stressful.
But you are best off by having your friend do her best to get one in place.
Heather (as usual) has given great advice.
I wish you both the best and I hope life gets better real soon.

Henry Lebensbaum

Henry Lebensbaum

Family Law Attorney - Andover, MA

Get a lawyer.

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