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How can I help get my boyfriends aggravated assault charges dropped?

New Port Richey, FL |

My boyfriend is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The judge ordered a no contact even though I asked her to not order it. I am the victim in this case. I will not testify against him. What do I need to do to get this case dropped. I know it is in the state attourneys hands now but what are steps I need to complete? Should I talk to a lawyer myself or is his lawyer going to contact me to help?

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The state attorneys office generally take domestic violence cases very seriously. They will not likely "drop" the case simply because you want them to. It is quite common for the victim of domestic violence not to want to cooperate with the prosecution. If they cannot rely on your testimony, they will certainly look for any other witnesses who can testify against your boyfriend. Ultimately the state can still subpoena you to testify at trial. If you so chose, you may want to retain an attorney to petition the court to lift the stay away order for you.

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You need to be proactive in this case and not wait for his lawyer to contact you. You should either contact him or get your own attorney. The state, especially in the Pinellas/Pasco circuit will not drop a case merely because the victim does not want to prosecute. In fact, they may even go as far as requiring you to appear in court and testify against him. Contact an attorney for yourself or at a minimum talk to his attorney about your feelings on this case.

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Both of the previous attorneys are correct. In Pasco county the state attorney takes this type of case very seriously and just because a victim wants to drop charges they often do not. I would not wait and see what they are going to do, you should contact an attorney sooner rather than later for you best opportunity of getting the state not to file official charges.

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