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How can I have my public records sealed concerning a meritless civil restraining order that was dismissed?

Santa Rosa, CA |

The temporary civil restraining order was filed by a retaliatory landlord in order to punish me and ruin my career in the school system. Schools have extensive background checks and I am still in my new hire probationary period for one year. It is my fear that the landlord will call the school or HR and inform them to check the public records. His accusations in the temporary order were extreme and makes me sound mentally unstable; he also accused me of illegally hacking in to his email and other false but very damaging accusations.
Is there a motion to seal records (example) somewhere for a civil order? I do not make very much money and if I could compose the application myself, that would be very helpful. I live in fear of loosing my job or a future position. Thank you.

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Please see the following webpage that describes the process of sealing a civil court record.

It is not an easy thing to get done, both in terms of the process and in terms of the legal standard that needs to be met to get the document sealed.

Good luck to you.

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I have been to that website. Unfortunately there is no examples of the format an application or motion to seal. If I have some sort of guide to follow I could understand how to proceed with the documents that are required. Thank you for understanding.

Neil Pedersen

Neil Pedersen


You might try several volumes of books in the law library. Try California Forms of Pleading and Practice for one. However, if this is really important to you, I suggest you get an attorney involved so it is done right. You will probably not get a second bite at this apple.