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How can I have my case moved to another judge

Baton Rouge, LA |

Restraining order judge seems to show favor to the defender

The order 150 for child support and he made 75000 last yr. Also the court date r scheduled aroud his work schedule. I get no consideration

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Do you have any proof as to bias? You need evidence to present in front of the current judge on why he/she should recuse himself (i.e. conflict of interest) and not just because they "seem to favor the defendant". That is not enough to meet a legal standard at all.

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I agree with attorney Senio. You need to establish bias by more than a mere hunch. If you do not prevail on your hunch, then that judge will certainly continue to preside over your the case. Unless you have more than your suspicions, then you should not pursue a recusal. Also, if you don't have an attorney helping you, then you need to get one.

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