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How can i go about trying to prove that a dui report has been copied/faked from a previous

Stuart, FL |

i noticed that after a detailed introduction into his encounter with me, at a certain point the report regarding my performance on FSTs become generic, and the writing style changes referring to me thereafter as "the defendant". at certain points, the report no longer refers to me as "he" but uses "they" and "them", and states "At hours, I placed the defendant under arrest, handcuffed and searched them." There is an explicit blank at what time he had placed me under arrest. I was wondering if there was a way i could ask my attorney to pull up other dui reports that would prove that my suspicion is warranted, nitpicking?

I have retained counsel and will be meeting with her soon, i just wanted other professional (but not legal) opinions. I am not seeking legal advice.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. You bring up good points to discuss with your attorney.

  2. Discuss it with the attorney you retained. Your attorney will not care about OUR opinions. Incidentally, cops, lawyers, and even judges use the same documents time and again but modify them for different cases. What matters is if the factual allegations are true. If you think typographical errors win the game, then you plotting a course that will end in disaster.

    Can an attorney make an officer look foolish on a stand by comparing arrest reports a nd pointing out similarities? Of course. It can also backfire, since most people make errors, and if you want to see evidence of how people react to such tactics, then go onto Facebook and criticize someone's spelling/grammar.

    There must be more. A lot more. DUI law is incredibly complex, and it varies from DCA to DCA on many issues, but I've never seen a case won or lost based upon solely such an argument.

    Yes, you're nitpicking.

  3. I agree with attorney Dillingham. Review his answer. It addresses your concerns and explains how the facts you relate will be interpreted.