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How can I go about evicting a family member from my home?

Marietta, GA |

The young man is an adult, not a minor.

Thank your answers. Is there any type of code/law that can be cited/referred to when confronting this family member and asserting my right to remove him from the house? He does not nor has he ever paid rent or contributed to the household in any other fashion. He is a 20 year old adult with no hinderances to being able to care for himself, other than refusing to seek and maintain employment. When the subject of being asked to leave the home has come up in the past, he has made threats (however veiled and/or empty) towards family members.

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If his name is not on the title to your home, he is not entitled to stay in your home. If he is renting from you, then that might be another situation. You might want to clarify the facts a bit so that the Avvo attorneys can better answer your question.

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If he doesn't have an ownership interest in the property or a rental agreement, all you have to do is say get out. If he refuses to leave he's trespassing and a call to local law enforcement will lead to his arrest (although the police will often "suggest" that the person leave and if he does, will not arrest him).

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