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How can i go about breaking my lease? and what penalties could there be?

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my husband and i have been renting this house for about 6-7 months now and i feel like the landlord is screwing us out of money because this house is litterally falling apart there are holes in the wall of my laundry room and the tile flooring is falling off and if anything breaks in the house i have to pay for it out of pocket witch i didnt know at the time of signing the lease not to mention they are trying to charge me for new carpets when i know for sure that these carpets havent been changed in atleast 10 years because their is holes in the carpet from before i moved in.

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If the conditions are unloveable and/or the landlord refuses to make reasonable and necessary repairs than you can argue this is a constructive eviction.

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There is a procedure for terminating your lease early do to the landlord not repairing the premises. An outline of the statutory process is here:
However, your lease may have other rights or obligations regarding this situation, and they need to be followed as well.

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