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How can I get what my Ex husband owes me for child support.

Surprise, AZ |
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He is approx $5800 behind. He has remarried and puts everything in her name. So I can't get to anything. He is working but the Enforcement Agency in AZ hasn't been able to find the info. I think he is getting paid cash or under the table . Why can't we go after the assets he and new wife have? If I'm lucky I get $40.00 a month. That doesn't even cover her school lunches. I'm unemloyed. And My fiance' pays for her car insurance, cloths, food, we just had to pay for school parking pass because Ex said he would and did not. Senior pictures are coming up etc.. HOW can I get the money he owes me?

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Do you have a judgment for the amount of the arrears? If so, you can execute on it. Find a local collection agency...

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Should I find a collection agency before or after I get the judgement?



And the child support enforcement has record of what he owes me is that enough? Is that considered a judgment? They have been keeping track of it for me since I turned him into the agency. The court order was from the original divorce decree.


I wouldn't go with a collection agency. They stink at collecting child support because they are accustomed to dealing with civil judgments like credit card judgments. If he owes you $5800 and still has to pay child support, he should be paying on the arrearage, too. If the kids are adults now, he should still continue paying until the arrearage is paid in full. Contact a local attorney or our office to talk about your options in greater detail. If DES is involved, they can do a lot of things that a regular attorney can't do but they are really overworked.

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