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How can I get unsupervised visitation with my daughter?

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I am the mother of a little girl, andI have had supervised visits with my 4 1/2 year old daughter since October 2013. I see her 2 times a month, I have another daughter who was born in October 2013, who D C F took custody of and placed with a family from my church. I was using drugs, and have numerous neglect cases open at the Leominster D C F office. I feel as if I am doing a lot better, and I should get my regular unsupervised visits back when I got back to court this month.

What are my chances of getting unsupervised visits back.

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Your chances of getting unsupervised visitation back is great- if you continue to do what you need to do. Courts favor uniting families but they tend to be slow in doing same. Keep on the correct path and it will happen, but not overnight.

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The neglect cases are against me and my husband, and would it matter if I still have supervised visits with my other daughter?

Michael J. Szklasz

Michael J. Szklasz


The judge will probably look at the larger picture instead of the black and white ("well, she only has supervised with other so she must not . . . "). It will probably be a more lengthy process than you believe but most times it is better to ease into unsupervised.


Bring any proof you have that you are doing better. Letters from a counselor, negative drug tests, parenting certificates, and letters or records from the visitation supervisor will all help. Courts generally do not want supervised visitation to continue forever. Try asking for limited unsupervised visitation first and be sure to get a review date so you can continue to increase it.

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