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How can I get the Support and Collection to enforce suport when my ex is self employed?

Vestal, NY |

My ex is self-employed, and is currently 6 months in arrears on support. I have filed numerous violations but they just tack his arrears amount onto the new amount and they still don't get collected. Support and Collection basically tell me I can't get blood out of a stone and all of his property has liens on it. Do you have any suggestions?

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It appears that your spouse has made himself judgment proof, which hampers the ability to collect child support through means such as wage garnsihment, property levy or tax intercepts, just to name a few. If your spouse is 6 months in arrears for an existing support obligation, then you need to commence a 'violation petition' with the family court (see their official forms on their website). If he is found to have "wilfully" violated the child support order, he can be incarcerated for a period of up to 6 months. This is usually enough presuure to make someone pay up.

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