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How can i get rid of a wage garnishment off my credit report?

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when i was in college i had a wage garnishment, now my credit report is suffering from it. in my opinion i think the lawyer took it to the extreme because i was making my payments as promised but he went behind my back and issued a wage garnishment i didn't know i had one until i looked at my paycheck one day. it caught me off guard.

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The wage garnishment is a public record, and typically the credit reporting agencies do not directly verify public record information with the courts or the clerk recorders in the counties where the public records are on file. Rather, there are one or more intermediaries that furnish the information ... in the case of Experian and Equifax it's typically Lexis/Nexis, while for TransUnion, it's often one of the local bureaus that are TransUnion's affiliates.

The opportunity this opens is that a properly-set up procedural request may result in the credit reporting agency having to delete the public record from your reports.

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