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How can I get rid of a shoplifting ticket before court?

My friend convinced me to shoplift at a store in our mall. I didn't really do anything.. well I carried the bag out holding the purses. When she put the purses in my bag, she walked out in front of me and I stopped before I left the store. I was at a exit and I just couldn't wak out. I was like "Tifanny. Tifanny. I can't do this." Right after I finally walked out, we were caught and taken to the office.The cops were called. My friend didn't get a ticket or anything because she is only 15. Since I am 16, I have to go to court.. this was my first offense and it scared me. I will never do it again. Is there anything I can do to not go to court or have this on my record?

Omaha, NE -

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Brendan Michael Kelly

Brendan Michael Kelly

Criminal Defense Attorney - Omaha, NE

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