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How can i get record expunged for a case/cases where Jurisdiction was Challenged and Court Never proved Jurisidiction?and sue?

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Once Jurisdiction is challended, the court cannot proceed when it clearly appears that the court lacks jurisdiction,the court has no authority to reach merits, but, rather shuld dismiss the action, Melo v US. A Judgement rendered by a court without personal jurisdicition over the defendant is VOID. It is a Nulity. Sramek v Sramek. There is no discretion to ignore jurisidiction Joyce V US. Once challenged Jurisdiction cannot be assumed, it must be proven to exisit Stuck v med xaminers. Court must prove on record all jurisdiction facts related to the jurisdiction assserted Latana v Hopper.Jurisdiction can be challenged at any time. Basso v UTAH pwr. A Judge standing in court yelling " the secratary of state gave me jursidciton" is not PROOF of jursidciton. Id like to sue for damages? Help?

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  1. Don't rely on federal cases for issues involving, as yours apparently does, the jurisdiction of a state court. Federal courts are courts of strictly limited jurisdiction. State courts often are not.