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How can I get out of the contract I have with my private high school?

Evanston, IL |

My parents and I recently signed a contract with a private school. We all felt that it was my only option since I didn't like the public school in my area. But over the summer I was invited to attend a prestigious ballet academy in Moscow. Training there would truly be a life changing experience, but I am now unable to go. The private school that we signed a contract with earlier in the year is refusing to let us out of it and my family cannot afford to walk away from the money that we've put into it. I am desperate to go to Moscow but unless I find a way out of this contract and we are able to get our money back, I can't go. Is there any way to get out of the contract that we've made?

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  1. A contract for a private school is usually non-refundable for a purpose. Without seeing the contract to determine how it reads, I will give you my best educated guess here.

    The school has a limit to the number of entrants. The school needs 100% tuition to operate. If the school makes an exception for every person that wants to get out the contract (absent fraud, coercion etc..) then the school cannot function.

    Hire a lawyer. Have the lawyer assess the language of the contract to determine your rights and obligations.

    Alan Brinkmeier

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