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How can I get out of a truancy charge in Ohio?

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At the age of 17, I applied to ECOT. The application period took longer than expected, I didn't continue going to my local school while waiting to be accepted making me miss 2 months of school. I've gone to court 4 times, and my next court date is January 15. They said that they want to put my mother and I on probation and make me live with my mother until I graduate. I just turned 1 and I was wondering if dropping out of school would cause my charges to be dropped? I plan on getting my GED. The thing is, my parents got evicted from their house and are now living in a hotel with my 2 sisters I moved in with a friend and the court doesnt know about it because we're afraid that they'll take my sisters away. Please help, we havent told my public defender either He hasnt been any help anyway

I meant that I have just turned 18 in December*

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Even if you drop out of school the charges can still proceed. I suggest strongly that you talk to your public defender. Tell them about your concerns and be completely honest with them. There are a lot of great public defender's out there but there are also some that are burned out. Lay it all out for them and treat them nicely and with respect and more likely than not they will appreciate your honesty and try to help you. Good luck.

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